Freedom Roll - Nov 11th - Registration is open!

Freedom Roll 2017

NOGI Submission Only Tournament

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When is the registration deadlines?

Normal registration is open until midnight on November 9th.
Late registration ($20 more) is available from Monday Nov 6th to Thursday Nov 9th.

No same day registrations will be allowed. Registration has a hard close on Friday November 10th at 00:01 to allow us to create all the brackets and post the schedule.

Registration is open!

Registration is now open!
This tournament is a pre-registration only so you MUST register online! NO SAME DAY REGISTRATION. I repeat NO SAME DAY REGISTRATIONS!  This is vital in setting up our system to provide live brackets,schedule and results  LIVE and available online by anyone with an internet connection.

Check out our registration page for details on how to register here:

Or go directly to Smoothcomp to register:


Checkin-Weighin times

All athlete’s must be checked in and weighed in at least 30 mins prior to their first match.

If an athlete is not ready, it will count as a loss and the bracket will continue on.

Follow the schedule on your phone:

You can look up the schedule, current matches or search for a fighter to find out when their specific matches are going to be.

Schedule is updated LIVE, so check back frequently.



Registration Browser Issues – IE

If you are using IE and having issues, please try a different browser.

The registration page is best used with Firefox or Chrome.  There are a few bugs with certain versions of Internet Explorer not showing the registration options.